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dates & eventes


31.10.2005, 21:30

SIGNAL LOST brandish a raw guitar attack and passionate female vocals, playing catchy mid tempo hardcore punk rock with heavy emphasis on songs as opposed to over the top thrash bludgeoning. Akin to The MOB, ZOUNDS and other UK Peace punk, the anthems of

the best of Polish Punk like DEZERTER or POST REGIMENT or even like later era ARTICLES OF FAITH or PROLETARIAT, SIGNAL LOST carry the rich legacy of Texas Punk a step further with a sound that riffs off of familiar elements but has it's own distinct identity. <>;
ABDUKTIO come from Finland and play modern hardcore with some metallic/emo influences, compared to bands like REFUSED. 'This is the extreme soundtrack for the destruction of the capitalist agenda some call life. As you know, the force of destruction can also be a creative force...' <>;
ps.: Mondays suckÖ BUT 1.11. is holiday!
location / organization
wielandgasse 2-4
1100 wien
U1 keplerplatz, 14A, N6, N67

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weitere termine am 31.10.

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