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dates & eventes

Dj Matt Chester (11th Hour Rec/UK)


Matt Chester is the founder of 11th Hour Technology, and of the 11th Hour Recordings project. He has been writing and producing music for the past six years, but has been building his material up for exclusive release through his own label.

Deeply influenced by the melodies and soul of the Jazz, Blues and Funk he grew up with, as well as the Synth-pop of the 80's and the electronic experiments of composers like Vangelis, he was totally blown away when first exposed to Detroit Techno, and has never looked back since. He began producing music in the late ë90s, and set up the 11th Hour Technology project in 1999, as an attempt to bring together an increasingly polarised techno scene in the UK; and has worked for the past 4 years running the site and providing information, interviews and reviews on the scene that drives him.

From there, he has been instrumental in devising and setting up 11th Hour Recordings, as a means of bringing that project to a new audience, and to further showcase his love for soulful electronics.

His production perfectly represents that passion for high quality music, and is both diverse and distinct in its style - as represented on his debut release for us, ëInto The Fall', which was released in August 2004 to heavy critical acclaim. This will be followed up shortly by his second EP for us, 'Lives Unlooked For', due out late summer 2005.

He is also an exceptional DJ - heavily influenced by the fast paced, fluid & funk driven style of artists such as Claude Young and Jay Denham, he plays with a cut-up, energetic groove, showcasing a unique blend of deep Detroit techno, soulful electro and futuristic European minimal house - and plays regularly at clubs across Europe, as well as residing at London's 'Flashpoint' party (for full gig details see the Events section).

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Cabaret Renz
1020 Wien

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