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Tel.: 0732/779660
Band aus Linz/Wien.

Valina stand where they will never stand. Answering back. To questions of development - constantly developing answers. Forwards in all directions. Betting the ranch with their natured and nurtured straightness/weirdness potentials - playing the rock version of a shortwave radio, mistuning across SSB, heterodyne whine. We listen to it on Saturday.

We listen to it on Sunday. Beauty exists only in relation to ...dirt. Political. Noise doesn't yet exist. The unions do not exist anymore. It is time. Ours. There are musicians who find another. And there are people who search together. Musically. Valina is a band. Not more. Nothing less exciting. "Into arsenal of codes." The debut as refutation of any conjecture. No codes. A snapshot of a splinter of 1999. Recorded in four days at the Elch studios in Bietigheim/Germany by Bernhard Hahn. Satisfaction now. Satisfaction in the work that has led to cooperation with Trost and Conspiracy records. It is a whole. And stays small.

anatol b.: gitarre, gesang, trompete
florian h.: bass
claus h.: schlagzeug, gitarre

7" : "poor & obscure"

2x7" : V/A-"schifferl versenken"

LP/CD :"into arsenal of codes"
(2000: Trost/Conspiracy)

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